Pick a “P” and Pray!

Dear One,

It began when we were separated from loved ones. Hubby and I were self-isolating in the best possible way, tucked into the woods of Maine in a lakeside cabin. We were celebrating our 30th anniversary, unreachable for 12-glorious days.

But even that kind of isolation leaves one concerned for those to whom they are no longer present.

Early one morning I was having my “me & tea” time. The cabin was dark except for the fire before me as I began talking to God. 

It may not surprise you that 3-words (all beginning with the letter P) presented themselves to me, and these words began to shape my prayers for those I could no longer reach:

  • Protect them, God. 
  • Provide for them. 
  • Keep them in Your Peace.

In these days of a drastically different kind of isolation, I find my
“P-prayers” returning.

Protect them God. 
Provide for them.
Keep them in Your peace.

I am praying them over those I know and those I don’t. 
Those I can reach and those I can’t.

Protect them, yes, from the virus, yes, their bodies, but Oh God, protect their minds, their spirits, their relationships. Protect them when they’re alone and cut off or in the midst of the masses. Be an impenetrable shield. Cover them. Keep them. Wrap them up and draw them close. Protect them, O God.

Provide for them. So many needs!! Oh God, provide for their physical needs, their mental ones. Provide the finances and wisdom, the love & creativity, the strength to meet each day that comes, the supplies they so desperately need. Provide their daily bread, God – that which sustains and nourishes them, mind, body, soul & strength. Provide for them, God. 

Keep them in Your peace. God of peace, grant them peace. At all times. In all ways. In the midst of panic. In separation. When they’re taking their last breath. When they’re responsible for so many lives. When difficult decisions need to be made. When they’re stressed to the max. God of peace, grant them peace of the deepest and most lasting kind. 

Friend, would you join me?
Our Little Life Words this week are a call to action: Pick a ‘P’ and Pray!



  • Are there specific people in your life / on your heart for whom to pray during the pandemic? List them.
  • Which ‘P’ word are you most in need of at this time?


  • Make a collage using cut out pictures and words that represent ‘protect, provide or peace.’ Use these as images when you pray. 
    • Do the same thing, but make the collage into a card to send to someone you are praying for. Pray for them as you make the card. 
    • You can also take a picture of the card and send it digitally to numerous people. 


  • Our song of the week is:  The Prayer sung by Josh Groban & Celine Dion


  • Pick a Person, Pick a ‘P’ and Pray!
  • Sentence prayers from Scripture:
    • Protect: “Spread Your protection over us.” Psalm 5:11
    • Provide: “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Matthew 6:11
      “Each and every day, supply our needs.”  Luke 12:31
    • Peace: “May the Lord of peace pour into us His peace in every circumstance and in every possible way. The Lord’s tangible presence be with us all.” 2 Thessalonians 3:16
  • 20 Prayers to Pray during this Pandemic

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