Do not (be) disturb(ed)

Dear One,

Sometimes life happens. An unexpected wind blows unwanted’s our way, and it can rattle us. I’m speaking from (very fresh) experience here🤷‍♀️.

Several weeks ago, I encouraged us to keep calm and carry on – to hold our peace. Well friend, things keep pushing my peace and I’m finding it rather hard to hold on. 

This morning, Jesus’ words to his disciples wafted my way. 

“Don’t let this rattle you,” Jesus said. “You trust God, don’t you?”
John 14:1 (Message)

Do you want me to answer that honestly, Jesus? Because, right now, I’m feeling kinda shaken and stirred. 

Recently, I’ve been drawn to Psalm 131 in which David described himself as God’s “resting child” (v.2 Passion). How might I describe myself? What adjective would I use? This morning, it was rattled. I am not your resting child, God, I’m your rattled one. 

Teresa of Avila once wrote: 

Let nothing disturb you.
Let nothing frighten you.
All things pass away.
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
They who have God
lack nothing.
God alone is enough.

Let nothing disturb you. That’s a tall order, friend. Be not dismayed. 

I wasn’t sure I’d have anything to write to you today, or the time to write it. But as I sat down at my desk with my 2nd cup of tea in hand, the words “Do not disturb” sat down with me. And I knew. They are for me, and I can share them with you. 


I can hang these words on my front door, hoping for a nice placid day, but life is no respecter of them and marches its madness in anyway. So I hang a version of them on my heart instead, which reads:


I hang them on my heart. I hang them on my mind. I hang them as a reminder that no matter the madness that marches, my center can hold. I need not be moved, rattled, shaken or stirred. And if and when I am – because, hello! – may these words remind me I can return. From rattled to resting once more.

Do Not (be) Disturb(ed): Our Little Life Words of the week.



  • If you were to describe yourself this very minute, what adjective would you use? “I am your ______ing child.”
  • Answer the Psalmist’s question: “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me?” (Psalm 42:5).
  • Answer Jesus’ question: “You trust God, don’t you?”


  • Learn about and begin to practice Centering Prayer. This webpage is an excellent place to start, with many helpful resources. 


  • Our song of the week is: Breathe by Jonny Diaz.


  • When I am afraid (or fill in your own emotion), I will trust in You.
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