Find Rest

Dear One,

I’ve sat down to write this letter multiple times now. 

I have so many words.
I have no words at all.

The words I have clamber around me as if not ready to leave. 

Or maybe it’s me doing the clinging.
Either way, we are not ready to part.

Then this morning, a gift.
In inky darkness the Spirit handed Psalm 62:5 to me. I reached for my Bible and opened to these Little Life Words:

“Find Rest.”
And the tears sprang.

“Find Rest, O My Soul.”
And the tears flowed. 

I know where to find chaos.
Know right where to find fear.
I can find worry, loss, heartache, confusion, frustration & grief in a heartbeat these days.

But rest? It’s as elusive as toilet paper & hand sanitizer!
We’re fresh out, Mam, try back in 18 months. 

This verse – this invitation to find rest – stands right in the middle of the Psalm. Grounds and anchors it. And Dear One? … I so need it to stand right in the middle of me!

In all that’s moving, shifting and shaking; in all that’s lost and hard to find, find rest. Search for it as for hidden treasure (or TP).
“Find rest O my soul in God alone; my hope comes from Him.”



  • To rest means to cease; to quiet the self. What’s the loud & noisy you’re being invited to find rest from?
    • panic, planning, shame, control … go ahead and name it. 


  • Name 3 things you can engage in that would lead to finding rest for your soul.
    • How can you implement yours into each day? 
    • Spiritual Director, Nancy Bieber offers some ideas here. 
  • Art can heal & ground us. I’m currently very drawn to this gal’s work. 
  • Maybe print these free cards to post around your house or share with / send to others.
  • Simply speak to your soul when you’re feeling anxious: Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him. 


  • A precious friend sent this song to me when grief made it difficult for me to find rest: Back Home by JJ Heller


Soul-rest seems to be in short supply, but maybe just maybe we can show each other where to find it (hint: Target & Walmart are fresh out). I’m headed over to God because as Psalm 62:2 says, “He alone is my safe place; His wrap-around presence always protects me. He is my champion defender … ” (Passion Translation).

Where are you finding rest these days? A song, Scripture, poem or prayer? An activity or routine? Send a note and let me know.  

PS ~ As I write this – no joke – hubby is out trying to find supplies. He arrived at his 3rd stop, our local pharmacy, at 8:30A.M. only to find they didn’t open until 9:00. He texted and said, “I guess I’ll have a 30-minute rest.”

Not sure where you’ll find rest, dear friend, but hubby found his in the SaveMart parking lot ;).  

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