Summon My Strength

Dear One,

I was served a summons last week.

To be summoned is to be ordered to come. To appear, as in a court of law. It is to demand the presence of. 

My summons appeared, not in the mail, but through scripture and song:  

Summon your power, O God.
Show us your strength as you have done before.

Psalm 68:28

Now, you might say to me: Jenny dear, this Scripture is summoning God, not you. And I would’ve completely agreed with you. 

However, as I looked into this a bit more (because the word summon summoned me!), I found the Amplified Bible rendered a more accurate reading: 

“Your God has commanded your strength.”

It was God serving the summons, and he was summoning MY strength to appear. He was serving its papers, commanding its coming. Something I hadn’t been able to do on my own. 

The past 8 weeks have found me faint under the relentless fatigue that came with COVID. My strength faded and failed me. Wouldn’t respond to my pleas. While I couldn’t call it to come, God certainly could. And he did.

God summoned strength for me.

God summoned my strength the way he summoned:

  • Lazarus to rise from the grave. 
  • The paralytic to take up his mat and march on home.
  • The invalid out his 38-year infirmary.
  • And power for Paul in his weakness.

With a word. And as a gift and a grace.

Roman Centurion, one who understood the power of a summons, once asked for Jesus’ help. His servant was sick and about to die, might Jesus heal him? Jesus turned to go to this man’s house, but the Centurion sent notice not to. “Just say the word, and that will be enough,” he said. And it was so.

The summons was served and the servant lived. 

God spoke and it came to be. God summoned my strength for me.

Summon my Strength: Our Little Life Words of the week.



  • What have you been trying to summon on your own?
  • What are you waiting on God to summon for you?
  • Sometimes, like Paul, we disagree with God over what should be summoned. When/how have you experienced that?


  • God summoning strength, healing or deliverance for any of us is always mystery, miracle, and mercy – never manipulation. Our role is to ask, to open … to watch, wait, and anticipate. 
  • Our practice this week is summed up in Psalm 130:7 (Passion): “Keep hoping, keep trusting, and keep waiting on the Lord, for he is tenderhearted, kind, and forgiving. He has a thousand ways to set you free!”
    • I wonder which of the thousand ways God has in mind for you!



  • Summon my _________, O God.

From the day God served my summons, the remaining claws of COVID have been cast out. My blood pressure (which had been concernedly low) returned to its normal. My cough disappeared, my lung pain dissipated, and my fatigue lifted. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf!

love, love ~

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