Water Weight

Dear One,

I shared a prayer concern with a few people last week and it felt mostly dismissed. Maybe because, to them, it appeared to be small or insignificant. But here’s what I want to say:

The small of the matter may not reveal the all of the matter. 

It is merely the tip of the iceberg. The part they can allow you to see. What appears to be a molehill may have a mountain underneath.

I saw a beloved friend on Saturday. “It’s been a hard season,” she said. And I felt the weight under the waters of her life. 

Not everything can be revealed:

  • It’s not solely our story to tell.
  • We are ashamed.
  • It may expose another.
  • We don’t have language for its depths, we fear being misunderstood, or there’s simply no time to tell.
  • It may be hidden even from us. 

So we say the surface and hope to heaven we’re heard. We show our molehills but our mountains remain. The weight under the waters of our lives.

If you find yourself making much ado about nothing, it’s likely about something. The triggers, the trauma, the stories, the fears, the burdens too big to bear. 

May we listen for that which lay lower, and believe others sight unseen. In God’s kingdom all matters matter. He knows the weight under the water of your life. 

Water Weight: Our Little Life Words of the week.




  • Recall a time you made much ado about nothing. What do you think lay under the surface of your reaction/response?


  • Sit in quiet for 5 minutes a day. Let God take a loving look and listen to the weight under the waters of your life. Experience being seen, heard, loved, known. 
  • Listen deep to another this week. 



  • Search me, O God, and know me. Know the weight under the waters of my life.
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