Seed My Soul

Dear One,

I wrote a column yesterday, titled: The Seed, the Sower, and the Soil. In it, I proposed:

  • Sometimes we are the seed, planted by God in specific places to take root, grow, and bear much fruit.
  • Sometimes we are the sower, planting seeds of love, hope, generosity, and truth in the lives of others.
  • Sometimes, and this is what struck me the most, sometimes we are the soil – host and home to that which the Holy One hopes to grow.

We are the soil, seeded by God. 

As I was praying this morning, Psalm 97 came to mind. I paused to read it and found this gem:

“Light-seeds are planted in the souls of God’s people, Joy-seeds are planted in good heart-soil.” (v.11 Message)

“For [God] sows seeds of light within his devoted lovers, and seeds of joy burst forth for the lovers of God.” (Passion translation)

God sows seeds of light and joy into the depths of us. Stop for a moment and picture that. Experience and allow for that. God on bended knee, seeding your sweet soul.


But here’s the thing friend, it’s not only God sowing the seeds. Can I get an amen? So the question becomes:

Before who and what am I spreading wide my soul? What seeds am I (knowingly or not) putting myself in the path of, becoming host and home to, nurturing in the depths of me?

Seeds are sown not only by God but by: 

  • Social media influencers
  • News reporters
  • Talk radio hosts
  • Video games
  • TV/Movies/Books/Billboards …

The question of who I’m allowing to seed my soul is incredibly important because seeds of discontent, dissension, and doom – of despair, distrust, division, and deceit – they are going to do what seeds do – they are going to take root in my soul’s soil and then grow up from within me and spread to others. 

Friend, we reap not only what we sow, but what we allow others to sow and grow within us. 

More than anything, I want to be seeded by God. Sown with love and light, comfort and joy, wisdom, truth, forgiveness and hope. I want to grow good things, and have spare to share!

So here’s what I’m going to do (will you join me?). Each morning, I will spread wide my soul for the seeding (and possibly weeding! – Yes, definitely weeding!) of God. It’s that simple of a start.

The Holy Spirit planted a seed in Mary, and she bore Jesus, the light of the world. What will we bring forth?

Seed my Soul: Our Little Life Words of the week.



  • What/who are you allowing to seed your soul’s soil and to what effect?


  • Spread wide your soul before God for seeding and weeding.
  • Before you read, listen to, or engage in something – ponder – what is this seeding in my soul, and what fruit will it bear?
  • Find ways to sow light. Plant little seeds of it daily in the lives of others. Scatter it recklessly and indiscriminately over wide swaths of land.


  • Our song of the week is: Come, Tear Down the Walls by Common Hymnal. I especially love the idea of bringing our hearts to God “over & over & over again.” To me, that’s the seeding and weeding. 


  • God, seed my soul.
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