Meet the Moment

Dear One,

I was engaged in the practice of examen with some soul friends the other day. Our facilitator asked rich & beautiful questions that I really wanted to answer, but I kept drawing a blank. This happened on every single question until the very last one: What grace will you ask for today?

With that final question, the words came immediately and with no conscious thought, “The grace to meet the moment.”

I had no idea why. 

In sharing this with the group, one of these lovely women commented that it reminded her of hospitality (which I’m all about, so she had my attention). She said she could picture the father of the prodigal son going out to the very edge of his property in order to be ready to “meet the moment” of his son’s return.

How beautiful is that?
I’m well aware, though, that “the moment” may not always be one we are eager to meet. 

Last week I introduced you to my 10th-Great Grandfather, Paul Gerhardt. This week, the opening line of one of his Advent hymns is ringing in my ears:

O Lord, how shall I meet Thee?
How welcome Thee aright?

How, indeed? Not only Christ, but others. Not only others, but situations, circumstances, opportunities, tragedies … whatever it is that’s turned a corner and is now coming down the road toward me. The moments.

O Lord, how shall I meet them?
How welcome them aright?
These moments, hard or holy,
in light of day, or night?

 Like the father, I want to meet them in a hospitable fashion with:

  • grace & kindness
  • courage & faith
  • humility & gentleness
  • trust & confidence
  • readiness & love

I don’t always do this. In fact, possibly more times than not, I miss the moment entirely due to preoccupation, pride or judgement. Too often, when the moment arrives I disappear due to fear. I hide or hightail it out of there as if I were four years old. 

This morning as I was praying about all this I sensed Spirit whisper to my depths, “You no longer need to hide from the moment, dear daughter. You can meet this moment right here. Plant those feet. Chin up now. Here we go.”

Hello to here. To now. To this. Bidden or not. May we turn toward it and welcome it aright.

Meet the Moment: Our Little Life Words of the week. 

——————— DEEPER DIVE ———————


  • What are negative ways in which you’ve met a moment in the past (fight, flee, freeze, force, fear, etc)?
  • What “moment” is before you now? What is needed to meet it? How will you meet this moment and welcome it ‘aright’?


  • When a “moment” comes your way, pause and ask “How shall I meet you?”
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  • “Grant me wisdom, grant me courage, for the living of these days” (from the hymn God of Grace & God of Glory).

Friend, God meets us in every moment, so we can meet each moment of our days. May we welcome them aright.

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