Pave the Way

Dear One,

It’s not always easy to get to where we’re going, is it? There are bumps in the road, potholes and all kinds of pain. Not to mention delays, detours and diversions in which we lose our way. I know.

Some of us are facing big & scary realities in our futures. Others feel trapped in endless traffic, not getting anywhere and none too happy about it.

And then there are those moments, large or small, where an obstacle clears, a path emerges and off we go.

I just had one of those moments, and you were a part of it. 

As you know I’ve long desired to be trained as a Spiritual Director, but for the past dozen years or so I’ve been rather “stuck in traffic.” One of the roadblocks was a lack of financial means to move forward. Well friend, no longer. Last Fall I received a surprise email from The Lancaster Sweet Shoppe offering to donate one day of their sales to me on a Sunday of my choosing. Happy & humbled, I chose April 25th and then told all of you about it. And oh-my-goodness did you ever show up!!!

What a glorious Sunday seeing & meeting so many of you last week! Really – such an honor and a joy!! You bought lots of ice-cream and chocolates, you slipped me extra checks and sent money via PayPal & through the mail. And, as of this writing, you have given an astounding $3,421.97?!!

Now, I just need to tell you that is no random number. In fact, it is pretty much exactly the cost of the first year of Spiritual Direction training (minus all the glorious books I simply *must* buy?)!!! You paved the way for me, came together to move some obstacles so I can move forward into what’s next, and friend, I can’t thank you enough!

In Isaiah 52:12, God’s people (like me) were moving into something new and He sent them forward with these words: 

 “Go in confidence and grace … there’s no need to be anxious – the Eternal One goes before and behind you. The God of Israel paves the way with assurance and strength” (Voice Translation).

 When we pave the way for others, we are being like God. We are enabling them to move into their futures with confidence and grace instead of anxiety. This is certainly what you’ve done for me – such a gift!

Confidence & grace, God says. Not anxiety. Not fear. Not discouragement or dismay. Why? Because someone has gone before you and paved the way.

Does the road you’re on need paving, dear friend?

 “You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way,” the Psalmist declares.
(Psalm 139:5 Passion Translation). 

Pave the Way: Our Little Life Words of the week.   



  • What about your future causes you to feel anxious?
  • How does the knowledge that God has gone into your future to pave & prepare a way for you enable you to walk into it with greater levels of confidence & grace?


  • Send a thank you note to someone who has paved a way for you.
  • Consider how you can use your influence, position, connection, experience or resources to open or pave a way for another in a large or small way.



  • Try this breath prayer: “God of my future, pave the way.” For more information on breath prayers click here. 

Friend, may the road rise to meet you, and when it does, may you walk upon it in confidence & grace. 

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