Patient Endurance

Dear One,

I’ve been feeling like Mrs. Noah lately.

I referenced the Ark in last week’s letter. At the time I pictured it being a place of safety & refuge, which of course it was, but this week I’m feeling the other half of the story. 

The Scriptures tell us Noah & the Mrs. were “shut in for the duration.” Yep. Locked in tight by God Himself with their adult children and all the pets of the earth, no less. For the duration.

I’m wondering if initial feelings of comfy cozy gave way to cut off, cramped & confined as they sheltered in place and the storm raged on.

I bet they missed their lives, their work, their people, places & spaces. I sure do!
Who enjoys confinement for the long haul? For the duration?

The joy of being preserved & kept may have washed overboard as Noah & fam were left in cramped quarters with no way out. 

“The Lord shut them in for the duration of the flood.” Genesis 7:16

Oh dear-heart, when the Lord ‘shuts you in.’
Are you feeling all the feels? … I certainly am!!

I’m pacing the planks like one of the caged animals, anxiety mounting, frantic for an exit ramp, for anyway off this thing, for anywhere to run from the mounting pressure on board.

I’d like to jump ship, please.

And then I sense God say:
Child, escaping too early will cost your life. I need you to stay in this until the finish. Let it have its full effect. 

Its full effect. That’s like riding it out for the duration. 
These ‘full effect’ words come from James 1:2-4which, wouldn’t you know it,speak to those locked in with suffering, riding out the storm.

The Message Translation puts it this way: 
“Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides … don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work …”

Let it do its work. Have its full effect. Don’t even try to get out of it. 

And I hear the writer of Hebrews add, “you have need of patient endurance to bear up under difficult circumstances …” (10:36).

Friend, patient endurance means remaining under challenges (or in hard places).
I imagine it’s the opposite of jumping ship. 
It’s not really something I want. 

“You have need of patient endurance.” Really?
If you ask me what I need, this would not make my A-list.

I would say things like:

  • I have need of this being over & done with.
  • I have need of getting back to my life.
  • I have need of knowing what tomorrow brings.
  • I have need of hugging every person in sight.
  • I have need of having my husband come home once again.

But patient endurance? Didn’t make my list, Jesus!!

And yet here it is. Put right out there. Spoken so plainly.
Jenny, daughter, you have need of patient endurance.

Jesus says the Father knows our needs before we say a word.
Jenny, daughter, you have need of patient endurance.
Yes. I suppose I do.

Patient Endurance, our Little Life Words of the Week. 



  • What do you need right now? Go ahead & make a list or tell another human if you can find one :).
  • What ‘full effect’ might patient endurance reap in your life? What might you miss out on if you jumped ship too soon?


  • Consider what spiritual practices may help you stay (for the duration) in a difficult or uncomfortable space:
    • ie: breathing, gratitude, centering prayer, acceptance, etc. 
  • What works for you and how can you implement it in your days?



  • Tell God what you perceive you need. Then ask Him what He thinks you need. Lastly, hold out your brave hands and ask Him to give it to you. 

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